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ASLTA President's Introduction


ASLTA President's Introduction

ASLTA Mission by Board Secretary


ASLTA Mission by Board Secretary


------- Website is currently under construction.  Please bear with us as we are updating the website. ------------

The new 2013 - 2017 Board has been hard at work making changes in the operation of ASLTA including memberships, planning the 2015 conference, planning web site update and discussing other topics of benefit to the members.

  1. Membership Revisited

    Remember that the membership dues cycle was change from January to December (calendar year) to September to August (School year). If you have not paid your dues yet, please do so ASAP. There is a membership form that you can fill out and pay online, or you could do it the old fashioned way by printing them out and mail them along with a check.

  2. Got ideas, experiences, or reflections to share?

    The ASLTA newsletter editor is always looking for articles useful to ASL teachers – please submit your ideas, experiences or reflections to the editor for the next newsletter.


Sign Language is here to stay as long as we have deaf people. It is the noblest gift from God.

George Veditz - NAD President 1904-1910

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